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Make an appointment at The Allergy & Asthma Care Center. Why suffer when you can be helped without drugs. We treat all related conditions for Adults and Pediatrics. Find out your allergies with a simple blood test. All Patients seen by Board Certified Physician, Joseph Baselious, MD America’s Best Doctors Award 2004 to 2019 America’s Best Physicians Allergy & Asthma Award 2004 to 2019 Consumers Research Council of America.

We Treat All Related Conditions for Adults & Pediatrics

Nasal and Sinus Problems Asthma Hay Fever & Eczema Chronic Cough Food Allergy Smell Sensitivity Chronic Nausea

Special Attention Given to Children

We are proud to provide caring special medical attention to children of all ages.

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Go Outside Open the Windows Hug Your Pet All Natural Immunotherapy! You can stop your allergy drug dependence and avoid their sometimes harmful side effects.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to significantly decrease patients’ allergies and lessen dependence on medications